intellectual drive reflection

purpose: ensure you are meeting your intellectual needs in a way that enables incremental and continuous progress, rather sprinting and burning out

in what ways are you feeding your intellectual drive (needs?)

how have you been challenged intellectually this past week?

what role is your work playing in the fulfillment your intellectual drive?

how you are “topping off” your intellectual drive outside of work? is this even necessary?

at any point in the past week did you push too far?

did you leave room, hunger, for continued incremental progress next week? or are you feeling burnt out?

physical well-being

the basics

purpose of reflection: 

  • consider how you are treating your body
  • consider if how you are treating it is in-line with how you goals for physical health


what goal are you working towards (i.e. mobile at 80 years old, run 2 miles, run 26 miles, deadlift 400 lbs etc.)

how did you show your body respect over the past 7 days? (i.e. food, exercise, rest, drink)

what, if anything, did you do differently that affected you physically? (i.e. food, exercise, rest, drink)

in what ways did your behavior work against how you’d like to be healthy? whatever your definition of that may be

what is challenging about maintaining your standard of health? whatever that standard may be

do those challenging practices provide you enough ROI to continue with them?

In what ways did you accept happenings that were out of your control?