customer development questions

purpose: provide you with strong questions to use when doing customer development for any sort of product.

between the google doc below, which points to the most useful resources I could find on the topic, and the questions outlined below, should provide you a strong foundation to build on.

resource: customer development best practices (google doc)

customer development questions by stages of conversations

people questions

  • what is your role? // how would you describe your role?
  • what does a typical day look like for you?
    • You get to the office, then what?
  • how much time do you spend doing [task]?
    • what is challenging about that?
  • what does success look like for you in your role? // when you have a “good day” what does that look like?
    • what’s the hardest part of being successful? // having a “good day”?
  • how do you find new tools to use at work?
  • have you tried anything new recently?
    • how did you learn about [that]?

problem and solution questions

  • what are the hardest parts of your day?
    • when was the last time that happened?
    • why was it a challenge?
    • did you solve it?
  • how are you currently dealing with [challenging task]?
    • who else is involved in doing [challenging task]? who do you work with when doing [challenging task]?
    • what do you like about the way your currently solving that challenge?
    • what do you wish you could do differently? what do you wish you could to do that isn’t possible?
  • what is most frustrating about [topic] today?
    • what do you do to handle that problem?

wrap up

  • is there anything else you think i should have asked you about [problem]?
  • do you know anyone else that has a similar problem?
    • do you think you could introduce me so i can have a similar conversation with them?
  • can i contact you again as we continue to develop [product]?

customer development question starts/general purpose

  • what’s an example of…?
  • why..?
  • can you tell me about the last time you..?
  • so what happened next? // what did you do then?
  • when you said [x], did you mean [Xx]?
  • what else?


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